“He” says he loves her

“She” always tries to give her comfort but degrades her every chance “she” gets

“They” smile at her, but have not a kind word to say about her

She is confused….heartbroken…

She is looking for answers….guidance

Then someone tells her she has a beautiful spirit

That she is special….that she has something greater in store for her

MAYBE….Just maybe THEY are the ones who need help


Never let anyone dim your light. The harder they try the brighter your light should get.


Broken but Beautiful

Apology Not Excepted…

Forgiveness is something many people struggle with depending on who committed the offense, what they did, why they did it, and their intent(or shall I say “impulsivity”).  Things to know about accepting( or not accepting an apology):

  1. Apology not excepted Do you have to accept apologies? NO!
  2. Be at Peace– Please be at peace with the situation and if you have to interact with the person this will make things easier.  Allowing yourself to forgive and move past the situation will allow YOU to feel better, but that doesn’t mean that you accept their behavior or trust them.
  3. It wasn’t OK what you did!– Let that person know that what they did was not OK and forgive them, but be clear that you being at peace and forgiving is so you can move forward.

We are all different and all deal  with situations and people differently. Even as the offender sometimes being at peace with what ever you have done can help you move forward. Please take note that everyone has a choice no matter what side of the situation you are on….you/me/I/they may not always agree, but recognizing that we all have a choice is important.  So…just FYI…No! Apology not accepted and yes I have forgiven and I am at peace with the situation…it wasn’t OK and I have accepted that person for who they are, noting that it had nothing to do with me. It takes time! Love on yourself…no EGO, just building confidence.

“When a deep injury is done to us, we never heal until we forgive”

~Nelson Mandela

Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop

Everyday you will be challenged by someone or something and the way you respond (feelings and emotions) to that situation determines your actions.  Some of us are defeated by the naysayers and the rude folks of the world…*raises hand* I have been that person and I am still learning. We all have choices and just like I tell my daughter…”you have choices and you chose this and these are the consequences for the choice you made.”  Understanding and learning from it is half the battle. You must believe in yourself and all you can do! Never be afraid to fail, stay positive, and trust that it is part of your journey. Incredible things can happen when you make small changes and it will be the beginning of an amazing change.

There are a few easy steps you can start TODAY to benefit yourself and those around you. Positive vibes are contagious!!

  • Affirmations- Speaking it, writing it, and creating this positive feeling..this reassurance in yourself just from a simple statement. Not only does it work for adults but it is a wonderful tool to use for children. Louise Hay has two awesome books,  I Think, I Am for children and You Can Heal Your Life for adults. A great way to introduce affirmations for children and adults. There is also a great deal of information available online.
  • Practicing Gratitude– This is also good for both adults and children.  You can use a journal or an app on your phone.  There are many apps but I am fond of The Five Minute Journal, Gratitude 365, and Gratitude Journal. Being grateful for what you have gives the opportunity for more blessings in your life.
  • Forgiveness- Forgiveness is important…forgiving those who have made mistakes or hurt you is very important in YOUR/MY/OUR growth.  Always remember that it wasn’t/isn’t because of who you are and you shouldn’t take it personally. Holding on to that baggage is hurtful for yourself and others and definitely leaves the room for growth of more negativity.  More importantly forgiving yourself is essential as we all make mistakes as well, but we learn from them and accept the next challenge.

BE UNSTOPPABLE!!! Making just a few small changes can help us all be that “force to be reckoned  with”.  Once a person realizes that “their messiness” has no impact on you, they will move on.


“You may write me down in history, with your bitter twisted lies,

you may trod me in the very dirt; but still like dust, I’ll rise.”

~Maya Angelou

I need a time out(or do they)

I am being challenged daily by the treatment I receive and how I feel about the treatment of others around me…simply based on the fact that we all deserve to be treated fairly…justly…HUMANELY.  So this is a crisis and not just with the ever popular race related police shootings, but in the world…in life….at work…at home…everywhere.  What I was always told is to treat people the way you want to be treated and I do try my best to “be smart and be kind”(as I tell my daughter this every day when I drop her off), unfortunately there are people who make this so hard on so many different levels.

Humanity is defined as: the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.(

Humane is defined as: 1. characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals; 2. acting in a manner that causes the least harm to people or animals. (

Clearly everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, but that is not what happens daily. I am teaching myself that this is a learned behavior for most and usually do to some unfortunate circumstance in that person’s life they treat others inhumanely.  Now, no one person is perfect and I do thank those who are rude and in-compassionate (not my true choice of words), because they are a part of my growth.  Be clear, not everyone grows from such treatment and understandably so when you are constantly having dirt thrown at you, until you eventually are buried..struggling just to breath. Do me a favor…you…yes you…the kind one…the compassionate one..pick them up and help them brush that dirt off and keep moving.  Make sure to let that person know that the unkindness and rudeness is a direct reflection of who the other person is and has nothing to do with them(you, me).  They are irrelevant, that past experience is irrelevant. If they can’t join into the kindness party..the compassionate party…the humane party…they must go. NO matter how much that person degrades you and mistreat you…you just smile and say “Thank you”, “Be blessed”, “you have a wonderful day”. This may confuse them simply because they want you to join them in the “rudeness party”, but they are not having fun at this party.

Now, when I say I need a time out…I mean just that…everything I shared above is what I know. Daily I am challenged by situations(that is for lack of choosing not to give too much attention the people/place) and daily I wonder why they continue to treat me like shit. What I was told and what I am always told by the beautiful people/souls around me is that they are trying to dim my light. They don’t like the beautiful light of my soul, my presence, my kindness. Well I never think of myself in that way, however I know that I am here for a greater purpose and those beautiful souls make me feel real good about the person I am and the person I am becoming.  In short I need a time out, because I am finding my self struggling not to tell these people about themselves, although I figure it won’t matter. It won’t matter because they have been this way for the entirety of the time I have known them, so clearly they could care less. This is a crisis everywhere in the world…in a home, a job, a store, on a street, on a bus, on a train, on a plane, on a highway. We(the kind and humane) must spread positivity and peace, as best we can, trying not to participate in the inhumane treatment of others. Hold them accountable for their actions and if this where you work…take note and speak to someone who will be able to assist you(not gossip) in your challenge. Not everyone is aware or see the wrong in their actions.



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Be happy, Be kind, Be mindful…

The world will always keep revolving no matter what happens, when it happens, and to whom it happens.  Of course I know this, but at the moment something happens we all choose how we will act or react to a situation and most times react before processing the situation. The reality is that no matter if we are angry, sad, hurt, crying, or just ready to be completely done with whom/whatever it is…it will not change what happened or how it happened. Just being more aware of your actions can help to change and rethink your reactions. I mean seriously, who has a desire to be stressed and unhappy? But one must desire to change first…Knowing better is half the battle, we must do better.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle” Unknown



Funny how me making a bow for my daughter to wear with a dress sparks my creativity and 1 ribbon turned into 4. I really enjoy crafting and I have so much ribbon it made it easy.  


She loves them and so do I!